Oral health need not be a stressful experience

A lot of people would rather endure the torment of a toothache than step foot in a dental clinic. For those who avoid dentists, sedation dentistry offers to take most of their anxiety away. Sedation treatments can be used for a simple tooth cleaning down to the most invasive of dental procedures.

The method and degree of sedation depends on the extent of anxiety and other factors (like age or type of procedure) that your dentist needs to consider.

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Conscious Sedation & & General Anesthesia - Antalya

Sedation IV - Antalya

  • It provides a comfortable and safe environment for the patient.
  • It eliminates the feeling of fear. The patient is prevented from feeling pain.
  • It prevents children with fear of dentists from having bad impressions and traumas that may arise in their memories.
  • The most important result of dental treatment with sedation in children is to prevent them from experiencing psychological trauma. It can also be applied in patients with heart and blood pressure.

  • Root canal treatment
  • Gum treatments
  • Implant and embedded dental surgery
  • Prosthetic procedures
  • Conscious sedation is a suitable method for patients who have a fear of a dentist and therefore postpone their treatment.

No, you will not be fully asleep during sedation IV. You will be extremely comfortable and relaxed, so will not be aware of what is happening during the treatment.

General anesthesia is provided mainly by combination of three groups of medicines.

  • Temporarily loss of consciousness of the patient with the help of hypnotic drugs,
  • Narcotic analgesics applied to the patient, even if the patient is unconscious, painless operation,
  • With muscle relaxants, all muscles in the body are relaxed to provide a comfortable surgical environment.
  • The patient's breathing is provided with an anesthesia device (respiratory device) under the control of the anesthesiologist.

  • Inhalation Sedation: A conscious form of sedation that involves the use of nitrous oxide commonly known as “laughing gas” to help you relax.
  • Oral sedation: Delivered by mouth (pills) to calm and relax patients.
  • IV sedation: Administered through the veins.
  • Deep Sedation; General Anesthesia: Allows dentists to work on unconscious patients for treatments that are particularly painful, difficult and lengthy.
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No, definitely. Patients do not feel pain or discomfort during their dental treatment.

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Conscious sedation is the suppression of consciousness so that the patient can continue breathing with anesthetic drugs given by intravenous route.

During sedation, the patient is conscious. Hears what the anesthesiologist or dentist says and performs the commands given. Temporary forgetfulness occurs with the effect of drugs used.

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Normally, a definite period cannot be given for the healing process. The healing process may vary according to the treatment method to be determined.

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