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Dental implants help restore your smile and your self-confidence. If you suffer from missing teeth or damaged teeth that need removing then implants can provide you with a long lasting solution to your dental problems.

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Dental Implant FAQ

Implant Treatment - Antalya

Dental implant application is mostly done in two stages. In the first stage, the tooth is removed by local anaesthesia and the gum ablation is performed. The bone thickness and length of the bone are taken into consideration for the implant. In the second stage, dental screwing is performed on the root of the tooth.

Age is not important for implant application as long as the person's general health condition is good. However, implant application may not be preferred if the jaw bone structure of the implant application person is not completed.

The first stage of implantation is the process of performing the necessary examination and inserting the implant screw into the bone. After this process, the duration of the prosthesis may vary between 2-6 months depending on the age of the person, the quality of the jaw bone. You will be notified of this period after the examination by the dentist.

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Implant applications can be applied to anyone if the person does not have diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. However, some conditions are required for implant application. These will be checked during the pre-treatment examination or during a doctor's interview.

One of the conditions that should be in pre-implant examinations is the measurement of the jaw bone of the person. The jawbone should be wide and deep enough to accommodate the implant screw. Otherwise, the implant screw cannot be held, and the implant application fails. It also determines the quality of the prosthesis to be made on the hardness of the jawbone.

The prosthesis inserted after the implant is not much different from the individual's own teeth. For this reason, gum diseases can be affected by processes such as tooth inflammation. With the necessary dentist controls and good oral care, implant prostheses can be used for a long time.

Implant application is performed in two stages. If local anaesthesia is applied correctly in the first stage, there is no pain during the application. When the implant is placed in the jawbone, a slight sore may be heard in the evening. This mild pain is easily suppressed by painkillers. The pain is not very different from the pain in normal tooth extraction. Over time, the mouth will be used to the implant will not feel even in your mouth.

If you want to know about implants you can check Antalya implant page actually.

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