What makes AntlaraDental different

Of course, there are more than one reason why Antlara Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic is so preferred.

Experienced Dentists & Assistants

Our dentists offer you the most appropriate treatment options for your dental health and help you decide which treatment is best for you before your selected unique treatment starts.

The Best International Brands

At Antlara Dental we only work with the highest quality manufacturers of dental products in the world. These include Straumann Group Medentika, Ivoclar Vivadent, Tokuyama and others.

Punctual and Professional Service

We pride ourselves on our punctuality and providing our professional service in the timely manner you expect from luxury treatment providers. We are very sensitive to this throughout the entire treatment.

Your choice is important to us.

Our dentists and treatment coordinators are in contact with you whenever you have any requests, concerns and questions during the entire pre-treatment, treatment and also post-treatment process for sure.

Internationally Guaranteed Products

All treatments we offer to our patients are under double international guarantee, All the best international implants come with a lifetime international warranty. All veneers and crowns (full veneers) come with a 5-year international warranty.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction.

Our physicians, dentists and assistants work devotedly throughout the treatment process to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care as much as possible. We also follow up after everything is finished with outstanding aftercare.

We follow Scientific, Technological and Artistic Developments.

With our expert dentists, we follow scientific developments in dental treatments, technological advances in dentistry and aesthetic fashion trends in dentistry, Scientific, Technological & Artistic Developments, and reflect these developments in our treatments.

We strictly attach the Highest Hygiene and Safety Standards here

In our EU/UK standard dental clinic, hygiene is guaranteed with the latest sterilization facilities. Hygiene is the most important issue; Therefore, we attach utmost importance to hygienic principles for the safety of our patients, physicians and assistants.

Painless Dental Treatments

Our aim is to make your visit to our clinic as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We offer the best comfort options to minimize the discomfort you may have during your dental treatment.

We Speak Your Language

We know it is important to communicate well. We are experienced in welcoming guests from many countries around the world. Our staff speak English, French, German, Russian as well as Turkish.

Located in Tourism Heaven Antalya - Lara

Discover new places and take a holiday in Antalya, a wonderful city that has become one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. Our modern and hygienic EU standards clinic is located in the beautiful Mediterranean region resort town of Antalya. The location of our clinic is only 500 meters from the deep blue turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and a few kilometers from golden sandy beaches. Antalya's largest and most comfortable shopping centre, Terracity Mall is only 50 metres away. You can also reach the port in 15 minutes in this historical and touristic city.

Would you like to be treated in our clinic and explore new places and have a holiday in Antalya, a wonderful city that has become one of the most visited places in the world?

In our clinic, we use quality, expertise and technology together while providing treatment services to our patients. With a collaborative approach and innovative treatments, we regularly provide personalized smile designs that other dentists find impossible. We believe that we provide the best dental care and treatment standards in Antalya. Reviews of our patients are the best proof.

Physicians and assistants in the clinic do not only carry out your dental implant treatment. Dr. Dilek Aksu Güler is one of Turkey's most qualified Hollywood smile experts. Our extremely caring doctor is very sensitive to the wishes and needs of his patients.

Antlaradental's reputation is growing so widely that we have many patients from especially European countries.

Antlara Dental Clinic Patient Relations Department

You can get a free online consultation today. You will definitely be satisfied. You can choose us for your Antalya Implant treatment. We provide better Turkey Dental Implants in Antalya.

We recommend that you read about lamina teeth and orthodontics, which are among our other treatments.

We are at the forefront of Advanced Dentistry

As the dental industry evolves our expert dentists closely follow and keep up to date with;

  • Scientific developments in dental treatments
  • Technological advancement of treatments and practices
  • Aesthetic & Fashion trends

This allows us to offer the best and leading treatments, products and advice ensuring you receive the greatest treatment and results.

We are proud of our efforts to build long-lasting relationships with our patients and enjoy seeing their beautiful bright smiles for many years.

This means we get to enjoy reading and watching fantastic reviews and recommendations as well as finding out how rediscovering confidence in our customers smile has changed their life.

Our physicians and assistants work devotedly throughout the treatment process to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. We also follow up after everything is finished with outstanding aftercare.

Our modern and hygienic EU-standard clinic is located in the beautiful Mediterranean resort town of Antalya-Lara.

Fırat Güler - CEO & Founder
antlara dental

Our Story

Company Foundation - 2004, Lara-Antalya, Türkiye

Antlara Dental was founded in Antalya in Antalya - Lara in 2005. Since 2005, patients have been welcomed and treated at Antlara Dental Clinic using the latest technology. Our dentists are experienced in all areas of dentistry.


We strived for perfection and perform our staff with a focus on health as well as cosmetic appearance to bring beautiful & happy smiles to our wonderful customers.

Our goal was making feel relaxed before going to the dentist. Dental treatments woull never be scary, stressful or discouraging. We believe that dental treatments don't have to be painful or filled with anxiety. Patients should be an opportunity to enjoy an experience that leaves you with confidence and happiness.

Growing & Expanding Interational Platforms

Our mission is to provide the high-end experience our patients deserve, to realise the smile of their dreams with extraordinary treatment.


And our vision is to provide functional and high quality cosmetic dental treatment services to customers around the world.

Since then we have been always perfect attention on our services, treatments with worldwide high standards. We care everyone as a human and aware of they have emotions.

We carried all these ideas and concepts to an international level to give this dental treatments foreigners also. We started to work with many native professional interpreters.

Dental Tourism - Turkey

Turkey is still becoming a global competitor in the medical tourism market in the world, with dental tourism playing one of the increasingly bigger role. Approxiately two fifths of medical travelers in Antalya come to have high quality dental treatment and also cosmetics and aesthetics.

Huge savings on dental treatments in Turkey make for those who find it too expensive at home country like United Kindgom, Germany, Danimark, Sweden, United States, Spaini Ireland and so on. Medical tourism in Turkey is one of the biggest growing industry that attracts more and more patients each year.

We are, as Antlara Dental Clinic, playing a great role in this field and has still being working on how to make our patients more satisfied, how to give best dental experience in Turkey while they are having their dental treatment here.

Smile Design Concept

The digital smile design in Antlara Dental consists of designing a smile for your face in a software environment that makes you happy. This smile designing process allows for the size and shape of your teeth. This is all done to be fully satisfied according to your facial features by enhancing and improving harmony, balance and facial beauty. This means you can choose the teeth shape that you like most and be able to visualize it through a 3D simulation.

We use it to diagnose the situation and come up with a clear vision of future results about your new dream smile. A treatment plan is based on the analysis of facial and dental proportions. We use your photos, videos, mock-ups to demonstrate how teeth, lips, and gums are related to each other and how they create your smile in the long run.

And in this field, we developed ourselves,doctors even assistants to get the best result for our patients. This concept really works and gives you the dream smile of you, your personalized remedy about dental treatment. This also takes the dentistry to the next level.

We are never Satisfied! We are seeking more and more!

At our dental clinic in Antalya, our patients are experiencing high-end treatments, comprehensive dental services and Hollywood Smile Transformations they have been dreaming about.

Our experienced and highly qualified dentist and hygienists will provide you with the treatment you require to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Here, we merge quality, expertise, and technology to offer superior patient care and outstanding clinical results. With a collaborative approach and innovative treatments, we routinely provide personalized smile transformations other dentists have deemed impossible. It’s how we’ve become the best in Antalya.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home and making your dream smile a reality in our still being seeked for the best!


Bright Smiles with AntlaraDental!

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