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About Us

Antlara Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Dilek Güler in 2005. Initially starting out as a small practice with just three chairs, including a dentist’s chair, in a shared, confined office, it has since grown into a prestigious dental polyclinic. Located in the exclusive neighborhood of Lara in Antalya, our clinic is renowned for its commitment to merging quality, expertise, and technology to provide exceptional patient care and deliver outstanding clinical results.

At Antlara, our team of highly experienced and qualified dentists and assistants use a collaborative approach and innovative treatments to provide personalized smile transformations for both domestic and international patients. We adhere to the highest standards and strive for excellence in all our services and treatments.

About Antlara Dental
About Antlara Dental

As conscientious dental practitioners, we value our patients as unique individuals with emotions, and we are committed to providing a stress-free dental experience that prioritizes both the health and cosmetic appearance of our patients’ smiles, leaving them feeling confident and content.

What has not changed since day one is our location, alongside our mission, which is to provide exceptional dental care at affordable prices, with integrity, honesty, and transparency as our guiding principles. We believe that everyone deserves to have confidence in their smile, and we are dedicated to making this a possibility for people across the globe – one bright smile at a time. :)

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