Discover your dream smile and enjoy your vacation the sunshine at the same time!

By coming to Antlara Dental Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, you can have trouble-free dental treatment, enjoy Antalya and collect lots of good memories. But most importantly, you can freely give your new smile to your loved ones.

antalya dental-tourism-appointment Free Consultation

You can send close up images of your teeth and/or a panoramic x-ray to our care team via email or whatsapp. You can also have a call to discuss your situation and aims.

dentist control Treatment Planning

Our dentists will examine your images and x-rays to determine which treatment is the most suitable. We will provide a full plan and pricing for you.

dental tourism antalya Appointment

After agreeing on the treatment details and getting your approval, we will organise an appointment day for the start of treatment that suits your schedule.

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Enjoy your new Smile!

After designing your new smile, you can freely enjoy your new Bright Smile and share your smile to your loved ones.

We hold an international dental tourism certificate and welcome patients from around the world. Come on! You can enjoy your new smile too! Let's do it together!

Ok! but How about the Treatment Process?

After the appointment process is completed, the following steps are applied. We give you the opportunity to enjoy Antalya during your dental treatment.


Meeting & Planning

On the first day you will be transferred to the clinic and go through the treatment plan with the dental team. If you are happy treatment will give a start.


Treatment & Social Activities

According to the content of your treatment, you will have free time to relax and enjoy social activities in Antalya to make your visit more colorful.


Treatment Completion

Most of the treatment visits are completed on day 5 with your being able to see the results of your beautiful smile transformation.