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Antalya Dental Dental Health Tourism

You will find the unique sea, sand and sun in Antalya, the touristic capital of Turkey. Its Ancient Cities are hidden among the forests with its oxygen-rich air.

A record number of 45 million foreign visitors came to Turkey in 2019-2020, and 15 million people, one-third of them, visited Antalya. The Mediterranean resort town of Antalya is among the two most visited cities in Turkey after Istanbul.

Our modern and hygienic EU standards clinic is located in the beautiful Mediterranean region resort town of Antalya.

The location of our clinic is only 500 meters from the deep blue turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and a few kilometers from golden sandy beaches. Antalya's largest and most comfortable shopping centre, Terracity Mall is only 50 metres away. You can also reach the port in 15 minutes in this historical and touristic city.


If you wonder why Antalya is so famous; In Antalya, you'll have resorts that offer a stylish mix of old and new, from ancient Roman temples to trendy beach bars.

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Antalya's gorgeous beaches are some of the best in Turkey and the Mediterranean, so get ready to relax on the sands in front of exciting views.

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In Antalya, for example, you will see big and traditional bazaars, Ottoman architecture and sizzling kebabs and favorite restaurants of Turkish cuisine in the back streets. Here you will admire the historical sites, Roman baths, Byzantine basilica and the temple of Apollo, which are just the beginning of your story.

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