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How Can You Find a Reliable Clinic Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

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How Can You Find a Reliable Clinic Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Amid escalating cosmetic dental problems, a clinic emerges as a top answer.

These days, everyone is confused about getting a quality cosmetic dental treatment. On the other hand, having to pay almost a fortune for a quality treatment raises doubt in the minds of many. With more and more people looking into cosmetic dental procedures, how can you find a reliable clinic and what should you look for in a good cosmetic dentist? To provide answers to these inquiries we will thoroughly evaluate Antlara Dental clinic in Turkey.

grandview research

Based on the data from grandview research, the global cosmetic dentistry market was valued at USD 33.6 billion in 2022 and is expected experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5% from 2023 to 2030. It is like a vast sea and navigating without a reliable guide can be challenging. There are certain coasts in cosmetic dentistry where it may be difficult to find your way back. There are also places that can immerse you in warm waters in this vast sea and create a beautiful experience without compromising your natural teeth as well as your health.

Antlara Dental's Success Secrets in Cosmetic Dentistry

We care about patient satisfaction

We care about patient satisfaction

"In a complex smile design treatment, it may cause patients to be satisfied because they do not know the technical details underlying the treatment," says Dilek Aksu Güler of Antlara Dental, a cosmetic dentist practising on this issue. But we can't speak about genuine treatment satisfaction until patients can still say the treatment was good for them years after it ended. Antlara Dental strive to maintain constant connection with its patients to better qualifying their satisfaction from the treatment. To get there, it is teaming up with a London-based business partner, that is also helping with after-treatment issues for patients.

We use high quality material


Ms. Dilek claims that using high-quality materials allows for a less intrusive approach and also increases the treatment's longevity. "For instance, Straumann dental implants not only integrate flawlessly with the patient's palate, but also produce high-quality outcomes, so we may finish the operation without further interventions. We fully grasp the significance of selecting only top-tier brands in this environment."

We use minimally invasive methods

Clinics with a primary goal of maximizing profits often show less preference for orthodontic procedures. These clinics may enhance their income by boosting the utilization of materials in treatments. Nevertheless, in establishments that prioritize minimally invasive techniques, the preservation of natural teeth is a paramount objective. Antlara Dental gives priority to techniques that don't damage the natural tooth structure, including laminate and e-max veneer, which only need a 0.3mm amount of scraping to maintain the integrity of the teeth for potential future restoration. 

20 years of experience of Antlara Dental's Dentists

It's important to remember that minimally invasive methods are the ones that hurt your natural teeth the least. The material used in cosmetic procedures usually lasts between 10 to 25 years, but this depends on how well it was made and material quality. When this time is up, you may need to get treatment for your natural teeth again. At Antlara Dental, orthodontist Ugur Agar has more than 25 years of experience, and provide enduring solutions and spare no effort in preserving your natural teeth.

Dt Dilek Aksu Guler

Patients looking for cosmetic dental work place a premium on the dentist's level of expertise. On the other hand, work history is not the only thing that counts as experience. Patients' expectations may be impacted by factors connected to their geography and career, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. Given the circumstances, "experience" means that the dentist has the necessary training and has provided treatment that meets your expectations. Here, it's not just the dentists' expertise that sets Antlara Dental apart. Throughout their combined 20 years in the field, all three of Antlara Dental's cosmetic dentists have primarily dealt with European patients.

Advantageous Costs

The cost of a high-quality dental treatment is undeniably an extra aspect to consider. Several European nations, including the UK, have unavoidably high dental expenditures. This is the result of the high rental and labor expenses associated with the clinics. Nonetheless, healthcare facilities in Turkey and other nations like Turkey do not have similar challenges. Patients' finances won't be strained even when they choose the costliest dental supplies.

Our patients turn a dentist appointment into a mini vacation


At last, it's a good idea to consider the possibility of transforming a dentist appointment into a mini vacation. The concept of dental tourism, popularized by Americans and Britons, reflects the idea of turning dental care into a vacation by placing an emphasis on top-notch service. With this in mind, Antlara Dental extends a warm welcome to you in a great vacation spot in one of Europe's most visited tourist regions.

Dental package deals

Through Antlara Dental's package programs, you will be greeted by an officer as soon as you arrive in Turkey and will be with you throughout your treatment. You will also be put up in a nice hotel and be driven to and from your appointments in a VIP vehicle. The clinic's comments on the Trust Pilot page show how important this issue is in a remote area. You may learn more about the clinic by checking out their website, social media pages, and Trust pilot and Google reviews. Out of all the positive feedback Antlara had, the one that stands out the most is "their purpose is not just to make money, but to deliver a true, quality experience."

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