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Smile Design


Smiling is a reflection of self- assurance and a sense of optimism in life. Because of its central location in the mouth, a dentist’s comments are always worth hearing. Every person has a unique perspective on life, so dental care should be tailored to each individual’s social life. Aesthetic dentist Dilek Aksu Guler of Antlara Dental has shared some wisdom on the subject of smile design.

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Guler says, “It wouldn’t be right to limit a smile design to Hollywood, focused, or any other type of smile. A smile design involves a combination of multiple procedures. The dentist and the patient must agree on the results of treatment on the 3D artificial software. Once the final result is set in mind, the procedure usually begins with orthodontic treatments.

What is a smile design, and what is Hollywood smile

Each smile design has its own unique features. The primary objective of Hollywood Smile design is to ensure that the tips of the teeth are visible when the mouth is in a relaxed position, while the teeth gradually decrease in size towards the back. Although Hollywood Smile is the most popular smile design, it is just one of the many options available.

In a smile design, our ultimate goal is to create harmony between the oral and soft tissue of the mouth, including muscles, skeletal structures, and the aesthetic needs and expectations of the patient. Therefore, we may have to choose a different style other than Hollywood, such as aggressive style, dominant style, enhanced style, focused style, functional style, mature style, natural style, oval style, softened style, vigorous style, and youthful style, that best suits the patient’s requirements.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Phyllis Diller

Anatomy of a smile

When deciding on a particular type of smile design, we consider three main components other than a person’s expectations and social status, says Mrs. Guler, Antlara Dental cosmetic dentist.

Dental midline

Dental midline in smile design

The dental midline is a line running vertically in the middle of your two central incisors. It is determined by the facial midline, forehead, and upper lip philtrum. It should run straight to the long axis of the face, parallel to the incisal plane, and it’s supposed to pass over the papilla.

Incisal lengths

Incisal lengths in smile design

The position of the maxillary incisal edges plays a crucial role in determining the aesthetics of one’s smile. It acts as a benchmark to calculate tooth proportions and gingival levels. In general, the maxillary central incisors should have 3.5 millimeters of visible edge, but this decreases as people age due to a decrease in muscle tone. A patient’s opinion is vital when deciding on the smile line.

Tooth propotions

Tooth propotions in smile design

An aesthetically pleasing smile needs accurate proportions. It emphasizes that the central teeth should dominate a smile. The proportions of these teeth are essential for a beautiful smile.

Social media’s effects

Social media can set unrealistic expectations when it comes to dental aesthetics. While it is a great place to get information, misinformation also exists. In a study conducted in June 2020, most women were impressed by celebrities’ smiles on social media.

Social media’s effects in smile design

According to another study published in July 2022, 97 percent of the participants reported prior knowledge of the “Hollywood Smile.” While only 5% of the participants had undergone the procedure, about 25% intended to have the treatment. Most participants made their own treatment decisions (78%) rather than those of dentists (21%). The study found that dentists responded to the treatment by about 87 percent but did not recommend it by about 13 percent.

Motivations behind Hollywood smile

The factors behind Hollywood smiles were also highlighted in the study. The most common reason for Hollywood smiles (45%) is discoloration; the next most common reasons are fractured teeth (27%), “no specific reason” (8%), “following the trend” (7%), “fellow recommendations” (5%), “changing the smile design (4%), and “space closure” (3%).

According to the study, the satisfaction rate at Hollywood Smile is 81%. The trend may serve as a guide, but ultimately, you should make the decision based on your own desires and aesthetic preferences. Patients may not be aware of all the specifics of a comprehensive aesthetic dental procedure that includes veneers, bridges, implants, and multiple orthodontic procedures.

They look at the overall appearance. However, even though the final result had an attractive overall appearance, there may have been unqualified applications, unnecessary invasive procedures, and invisible failures. That’s why dentist quality and experience are so crucial in this respect.

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