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Dental Implants Turkey: How should I choose a clinic, and what should I look for?

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How should I choose a dental clinic in Turkey

A dental implant can do wonders for your smile, your chewing ability, your diet, and your overall health. It can also make you look younger by firming up your jawbone, and it can improve your oral hygiene by alleviating crowding in the mouth.

Aside from the advantages of dental implants, there are also drawbacks to postponing implant treatment. The first consequence is digestive problems due to insufficient chewing. The second major issue is the visible acceleration of bone resorption in the area absent of the implant. Furthermore, it induces alterations in the jaw morphology by repositioning the teeth. When a tooth is lost in the upper jaw, the sinuses in that area can fall into the tooth cavity, which can complicate future treatments.

Considering the crucial components of dental implant treatments, it is evident that they should be accessible to all individuals. Unfortunately, access to these treatments costs a fortune for citizens of many countries. This has made countries with low treatment costs a trendy spot for seeking treatment.

Dental Implants Turkey

Dental Implants Turkey

Turkey's affordable prices, quality treatments, and holiday opportunities make it one of the top dental treatment destinations. Yet, in a country with countless dental clinics, the quality of service can vary greatly. When the BBC inquired about a young patient's crooked teeth at 150 clinics in Turkey in 2022, it was found that 70 clinics suggested invasive treatments. Therefore, if you fail to conduct thorough research, the likelihood of negative consequences is significantly elevated. To make a well-informed decision about a Turkish clinic for dental implant treatment, it is important to consider the following factors.

What to look for in a Turkish dental practice for dental implants?

When searching for a clinic to have an dental implant, many people are only interested in the aesthetic aspect of the treatment, as if they were looking for a hair salon or makeup artist, and unfortunately, they sit in the dentist's chair unaware of many critical points. Here are eight things to keep in mind as you search for a dental implant clinic in Turkey.

Implant Brand

Top 10 Dental Implants Brands Scaled

The choice of dental implant brand significantly influences the outcome of the treatment. It is not solely for financial reasons that clinics favor particular implant brands. If a clinic has expertise in a specific implant brand and has undergone training and received documentation from that brand, it will utilize the products of that brand.

There are numerous implant brands available in the market today, but only a couple of them have a rich history and have been backed by extensive scientific research. While many implant brands have made significant advancements in implant technology, particularly since 2019, many of them lack a substantial track record to scientifically validate their success. So never trust an implant brand unless it is backed by extensive scientific research.

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Clinic and Dentists Experience

When we talk about an experienced dentist, we usually consider the number of years they have dedicated to their profession. This, nevertheless, is a serious miscalculation. An intense five years of work is preferable to a sluggish thirty. Consider the dentist's background and knowledge instead of solely focusing on their years of expertise. If the clinic fails to meet your standards, it may be wise to consider removing it from your list.

Diagnosis Devices

Diagnosis devices for dental treatments in Turkey

3D digital X-Ray devices are crucial for precise quantification of gum tissue, particularly in implant procedures. Using the incorrect measurement could result in a poorly designed implant, potentially causing the dental implants to come loose later on due to insufficient gum support. It's important to check if the clinic you'll be visiting has state-of-the-art 3D digital x-ray equipment, which can greatly enhance your dental treatment experience.

Aftercare Options

In dental implant treatments, it is crucial to closely monitor the gingival development in the area after treatment. If there is any swelling or bleeding, immediate intervention should be taken to prevent any adverse outcomes and avoid loss. So, think about what the clinic offers after treatment when you decide on a Turkish dental clinic. Our patients have the convenience of booking appointments for the next day at our partner clinics in Brussels and London.

Clinic warranties

Dental treatments warranty is a major concern. Most importantly, a clinic that stands by its treatments with a guarantee shows that it has faith in its abilities. Clinics that offer guarantees for their services typically have a large service network. You may refer to Antlara Dental's warranty certificate as a reliable point of reference in this matter.


Turkish dental clinics usually adhere to their initial commitments. On the other hand, in terms of price here, all-inclusive dental packages are especially advantageous. These packages include all treatment details from start to finish. An all-inclusive dental package typically includes following procedures.

  • Consultation, anesthesia and X-rays
  • Implant procedures.
  • Further surgical procedures such as bone grafting, orthodontics, and cosmetic procedures
  • In country transfers (airport and hotel-clinic transfer)
  • Accommodation at a boutique hotel
  • Recovery phase following the medical procedure.
  • Post-treatment support in the home country.

Clinic patient feedback

Patients' feedback provides valuable insight into a clinic's quality, but it is important to remember that even following a botched dental procedure, many still report high levels of satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to find out how satisfied people have been with the clinic over time.

Holiday Opportunities

Holiday Opportunities for dental treatments in Turkey

The availability of vacation packages is obviously not the most critical factor when selecting a dental clinic in Turkey. Remember, though, that a dental office that welcomes patients throughout the holidays will make your appointment much more pleasant for you and your loved ones. Not only will this make your dental implant treatment easier, but it will also guide your decision-making process.

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