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Consultation for Dental Treatments in Turkey

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Mental Consultation for Dental Treatments

mental consultation for dental treatments in Turkey

Dental consultation is a simple procedure in which your dentist listens to your needs and preferences and works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

In dental surgeries, your information matters more. As if you were going fishing and consulting with fishermen. Fishermen ask what kind of fish you want to catch, if your fishing rod is in good condition, and what day and time you are available to fish. Every piece of information that fishermen provide is based on your preferences.

Imagine you hadn’t shared your preferences with the fishermen. In that case, he would have directed you to fish all night in cold weather and catch something you didn’t like to eat. Who’s to blame for this failure? You or the fishermen?

This is what a dental consultation is all about. Examine yourself before evaluating a dentist. How well do I understand what I want and how the procedure will be performed, what the outcome will look like, what are the possible side effects, how I should prepare for surgery, and which materials make sense to me?

The more detail you explore, the more questions you will have. Keep reading; another question will arise. Watch professors’ videos and read academic documents. Each sentence you read will raise another question about your dental procedure.There will be no solution to any problem in your mind, and there will be no decision on a procedure for your dental needs.


However, you’re now ready for a dental visit. You will know what the outcome of the procedure is and what is going to happen in 5, 10, and 20 years. Also, you could be able to oversee the procedure. Too many variations exist among dental procedures. The variations in materials, on the other hand, are too high. There are different outcomes for each procedure with a particular material and brand.

Firstly, let’s examine the most prevalent processes. Veneers and crowns.

Porcelain is an aesthetic and natural- looking material, but it has a limited life expectancy and becomes discolored over time. In comparison to porcelain, zirconia is stronger but requires more abrasion. Furthermore, it does not have a natural appearance like porcelain. PFM has a high maximum life expectancy but may cause grayish gums and allergies.If you are looking for a strong alternative to porcelain, E-max might be a good choice, but it is not as strong as zirconia.

Each brand provides a different solution. Some dental brands, such as Straumann, offer completely metal-free dental materials, but they may not be appropriate for your specific condition. Other dental procedures also vary from person to person. Teeth whitening, for example, is a very beneficial and harmless procedure. However, its effects wore off after two years. Continually following this procedure every two years, in twenty years you’re likely to lose a substantial amount of dentine because of hydrogen peroxide.

Would it be realistic to expect your dentist to follow you for twenty years?

Allergies to metal, nickel, chrome, and cobalt are another consideration you need to be aware of. The dentist may ask you questions to find out your allergic reactions, but it would also be unrealistic for a dentist to diagnose all your allergies. Even a simple skin test takes about three days.

Imitation jewelry is a great way to test metal sensitivity, especially nickel. You can wear a ring or necklace that contains a high level of nickel to see your skin’s reaction before the treatment.

Your aesthetic expectations and social status play significant roles in many dental procedures. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with these materials, the dentist will explain them during the consultation. The value of prior knowledge is priceless in such moments. It’s crucial to thoroughly read up on everything before undergoing any dental treatment.

My recommendation is to stick to reliable sources such as Google Scholar. You can also trust dental experts’ YouTube videos as a source of information. The more you read, the more questions you’ll have about the procedures, so try to find answers to all your questions. However, you’ll soon realize that instead of being resolved, your questions will only continue to increase.

Dt. Dilek Aksu Guler and her patient

But now you can seek treatment with the knowledge of what you want. A preliminary consultation is the first step in the process. You don’t have to choose a dentist that you believe is not right for you. Your information will guide you in finding the right dentist and making sure the dentist gets the right procedure.

In a Turkish dental clinic, Antlara Dental, we have observed that patients are more satisfied with the outcome of their procedure when they have more information about it. We value this stage greatly and welcome our patients to their home countries through our partner clinics.

During the initial consultation, we provide the patient with all the necessary details. We make sure that the patient is thoroughly informed about the procedure and any relevant information related to it. We take the responsibility of providing clear and concise details seriously, so the patient can make informed decisions about their treatment.

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