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Deep dental cleaning treatment is not just for unhealthy mouths; even if you have good oral care habits, you should check if you need it. The material used for the treatment has no significant effect on the dental deep cleaning cost. In this treatment, the prices consist almost entirely of the sum of the fee requested by the clinic and the dentist. 
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Deep Dental Cleaning Treatments and Cost

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Deep dental cleaning treatment is not just for unhealthy mouths; even if you have good oral care habits, you should check if you need it. If you are caring about your oral hygiene, your priority should be to get rid of plaque and tartar in the mouth.
As we age, tartar builds up faster, but generally, individuals will vary greatly in the formation of tartar on the tooth surface. The formation of plaque, which develops rapidly with old age, causes the teeth to fall out with the help of other factors, such as bone resorption (osteoclasts). For this reason, early deep dental cleaning is of great importance for a healthy mouth in old age.

What Is Dental Deep Cleaning?

Deep dental cleaning, known as SRP (Scaling and root planning), scrapes tartar and plaque on tooth surfaces and under the gums with conventional dentistry equipment or ultrasonic dental devices. The treatment, as the name suggests, is completed in two sessions. The first is scaling, and the latter is root planning.
The rate of tartar and plaque formation in adults over 30 is 50%, which is 75% in those over 65, which indicates that aging accelerates the formation of tartar. But the leading causes of tartar and plaques may include;
  • Diabetes, heart diseases,
  • Genetical history,
  • Hormonal changes that happen during the pregnancy,
  • Failed dental restorations such as a filling or a root canal,
  • Crooked teeth,
  • Poor oral hygiene,
  • Smoking
  • Stress
Deep Dental Cleaning is carrie out by dentist in dental clininc in turkey

Dental Deep Cleaning Benefits 

Prevents Improvement of Periodontal Disease

Since all the bacteria and tartar in the mouth are cleaned, the infections and plaques will no longer spread.

Eliminate Current Infection

After treatment, the mouth is free from tartar and germs.

Promotes Healing

Tartar and plaque prevent the gums from sticking to the teeth. When you get rid of them, your gums renew themselves and stick to the tooth root healthier.

Eliminates Bad Breath

Plaques contain bacteria that cause bad breath. When you get rid of plaques, your bad breath will also disappear.

Save Your Roots and Jawbones

The gums are like protective armor. Protecting them is more important than your teeth. If the gums cannot function well, the tooth roots and jawbone suffer greatly.

Is There Any Risk of Dental Cleaning?

The most common complication of deep teeth cleaning is 5 to 7 days of gum sensitivity. Other than that, there is no common risk. Although quite unlikely, there is a risk of bacteria penetrating the bloodstream during the treatment.
dentist is showint how to do Deep Dental Cleaning with a teeth model

What Does Deep Cleaning Teeth Involve?

You can have your deep tooth cleaning done with two different one-hour visits to the dentist. At your first visit, called scaling, your dentist would remove all the plaque and tartar under the gums. The dentist may do the surgery with manual dentistry tools or ultrasonic or electrical tools.
In the second stage, called root planing, the dentist cleans the tooth roots and softens them to ensure that the gums firmly adhere to the roots.

Why Do You Need Deep Teeth Cleaning?

For deep dental cleaning, you should keep an eye out for the following warning signs;
  • Invariably imperfect taste or breath
  • Unfastening teeth
  • Gums that easily bleed
  • Swollen gums
  • Receded gums
If you look at dental deep cleaning before and after photos, you can better understand whether you should take this treatment or not. 

What to Expect After Deep Cleaning of Teeth?

A shiny smile will be waiting for you after the treatment. However, to maintain this smile, you should pay close attention to oral care and not miss your dentist’s check-ups. In addition, the sensitivity in the gums continues for a week after a deep dental cleaning. This period may be extended or shortened by a few days depending on the extent of the treatment.

What Is the Cost of a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

The material used for the treatment has no significant effect on the dental deep cleaning cost. In this treatment, the prices consist almost entirely of the sum of the fee requested by the clinic and the dentist. For this reason, deep cleaning treatments are at very affordable levels in countries where labor wages are low, such as Turkey. You can check out the table below to see it better. 

Deep Cleaning Prices;

  • The USA $600-$1000
  • UK £400-£1000
  • Turkey £100-£150
Deep Dental Cleaning instruments lay out on the dentist table.

How Long Does a Dental Deep Cleaning Take?

Deep dental cleaning treatment usually requires two different consecutive visits to the dentist. These visits can take up to 1 hour on average. Within 3 months after treatment, the dentist calls the patient for a check-up. 

How Often Should Teeth be Deep Cleaned?

According to the American Dental Association, patients should get their teeth cleaned at least twice a year, for those who don’t follow this rule should have deep dental cleaning procedures when needed.

Deep Dental Cleaning Treatment in Turkey

If you are looking for a country where experienced and well-trained dentists serve in European standards without shaking your budget, Turkey is one of the best countries in this regard. Moreover, you will also be offered a good holiday as a bonus. Come to Antalya and feel the experience of our dental team. 

Why is Deep Dental Cleaning Cheaper in Turkey?

There is a massive difference for each country in dental prices. 
The reasons why Turkey offers more affordable dental prices may include; 
Workers' wages are low,
The government receives almost no taxes from health tourism revenues,
The monthly expenses of the clinics are far below that of Europe.

Deep Dental Cleaning SSS

Deep Dental Cleaning - Antalya

Deep dental cleaning treatment is not a tooth whitening treatment, and no hydrogen peroxide-containing products are used in this treatment. However, as a result of the treatment, you will be surprised by the whitening and bright smile on your teeth.
It is very unlikely that you will encounter a situation like that after treatment. However, because tartare surrounds your teeth firmly, patients may think that their teeth have loosened after treatment. But this is a temporary feeling and will disappear as the gum strengthens.

Local anesthesia is applied before the deep cleaning treatment, so no pain is felt during the treatment.

After the treatment, sensitivity occurs in the gums for 4-5 days. This period may extend for another 1-2 days, depending on the size of the treatment.

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