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Dt. Özge Can Öztekin

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özge can oztekin

Dt. Ozge Can Oztekin graduated from Ege University, the Faculty of Dentistry in 2016.

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(530) 202-6868


I am a graduate of Ege University, the Faculty of Dentistry and have been working for the past five years at Antlara Dental Clinic, where I specialize in Pedodontics and Aesthetic dentistry in addition to general dentistry. As part of my responsibilities, I provide regular treatments and day-to-day care to our patients, always striving to provide them with the highest quality of service possible.

In my opinion, the key difference between pedodontics and other branches of dentistry lies in the treatment style rather than the techniques used. When working with children, I take on the role of an entertainer, storyteller, or friend, in addition to being a skilled ‘no pain dentist.’ While some find working with children challenging, I find it enjoyable because I have a natural affinity for working with young patients. There is no secret to my approach; by understanding the gentle and delicate nature of working with children, I find that the rest of the procedures simply fall into place. In addition to my passion for pedodontics, I also have a deep appreciation for restorative dentistry. What I enjoy about it is not only the gentleness of the procedures but also witnessing the immediate psychological relief for my patients.

When I'm not practicing dentistry, I enjoy traveling to new destinations, biking through scenic routes, expressing my creativity through drawing, and spending time with animals. Most importantly, I cherish time spent with my family.

My professional domain:

Pedodontics, Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry.

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