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E-Max Crowns

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What is E-max Crowns dental implant treatment?

What should be considered for E-max Crowns dental implant treatment in Antalya?

Emax crowns are composed through the chemical reaction of lithium disilicate. The elements that Emax Crowns contain are; quartz, lithium dioxide, alumina, potassium oxide, and trace elements. You can have your Emax Crown in Turkey at reasonable prices with the same quality as you would find in Europe and the USA. The average E-max crowns cost in Turkey ranges from £180 to £250.

E-Max Crowns in Turkey

Emax crowns were developed by Ivoclar Vivadent company in 2006 by strengthening porcelain material with lithium disilicate. Although they are less durable than metal or zirconia crowns, they are almost twice as strong as porcelains.

Thanks to the porcelain and lithium disilicate materials it contains, E-max crowns can be produced in the desired tooth shade. In addition, due to their high light transmittance capacity, they provide the best imitation of natural teeth, and it is almost impossible to distinguish them from your natural teeth.

These veneers can also be applied without causing too much deterioration to the tooth. Especially for frontal regions that affect the smile design of the patient the most, they easily meet the required resistance expected from a crown and can maintain their robustness for years.

emax crowns before after in turkey
patient smiles after having emax crown treatment

What is an Emax Crown?

Emax crowns were developed by Ivoclar Vivadent company in 2006, and since then, they have only been produced by that company. According to the data from the official website of the company, Emax crowns or veneers have been applied to over 170 million patients so far. Furthermore, they can withstand up to 530 Mpa, equivalent to 15 to 20 times our bite force.

Scientific studies on emax crowns also confirm the company's statements. In addition, it has been proven that the zirconium-supported Emax crown (Emax Zirpress) produced by that company provides 20 percent better sustainability.

Since Emax crowns do not include a metallic structure, they do not cause any allergies to the patient. Complications such as gray color formation and bruising on the gums, usually seen in metal-fused crowns, do not occur in these crowns.

How are Emax Crowns made?

Emax crowns are composed through the chemical reaction of lithium disilicate. The elements that Emax Crowns contain are; quartz, lithium dioxide, alumina, potassium oxide, and trace elements. Since they are sold as a single block, they have a quite solid structure.

They can be prepared with both traditional dentistry or CAD-CAM techniques. In the CAD CAM technique, it is possible to wear Emax dental crowns on the same day of the treatment, depending on the severity of the treatment. However, in traditional methods, you may have to wait a few days to wear your permanent crowns. With e-max crowns before and after photos, their beautiful appearance can easily be seen.

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What is the difference between zirconia vs.e-max crowns?

Emax crowns can be fixed on the tooth by only 1 mm abrasion from the tooth surface. This amount is usually more than 2 mm for zirconia or metal crowns.

How much Emax Crown cost?

Emax crowns are more costly than other crowns. The main reason for their higher prices is that they gather the aesthetic appearance of porcelain crowns together with the robust structures of zirconia.

Emax crown costs in the USA for a single tooth can range from $1200 to $2000. These costs could be 10 percent higher in Canada and Australia.

In the UK, the crown prices may be a little more affordable than in the USA or Canada. You can get your emax crown between £650 - £900 in the UK. In European countries such as Germany and Switzerland, prices range from € 550 to 900.

In a dental crown treatment, you may encounter extra fees depending on the type of treatment you need. These fees may include;

  • Initial Exam: $20-$100
  • X-Ray: $10-$200
  • Root Canal or Extensive Decay: $200-$1500 for front teeth
  • Root Canal or Extensive Decay: $400-$2000 for molar teeth
  • Large Area of Missing Teeth: $150-$200

E-max Crowns cost in Turkey

Crown treatments are a part of dental treatments and are generally included in insurance coverage. However, most insurance companies consider Emax crowns for aesthetic purposes and don't provide coverage. If you are facing such a problem, remember that there is a country where you can have these crown treatments applied by highly experienced and educated dentists at affordable prices in the top dental tourism destinations.

You can have your Emax crown in Turkey at reasonable prices with the same quality as you would find in Europe and the USA. The average E-max crowns cost in Turkey ranges from £180 to £250.

If you want to meet with our high-quality dental services, you can check out our website, or you can visit Antlara Dental's London Office.

How long do Emax Crowns effective for?

Long-term clinical studies have proven that Emax teeth have an 88 percent of survival rate for ten years. However, They can last up to 15 or even 20 years if good oral care is provided. Minor fractures and chips may occur while wearing them, but they can be restored with composite bonding. Emax crowns are not recommended for people with teeth grinding or clenching habits.

Who is the most suitable for Emax Crown?

The most eligible candidates for Emax crowns are those who have good oral and dental hygiene habits. In addition, people with clenching and grinding habits are not appropriate candidates for the Emax crown. To get the desired result from an Emax treatment, there must be no prior restorations, especially at the junction with the gingival, which may reduce the bonding resistance of Emax crowns.

Emax crowns are primarily preferred in areas where aesthetic appearance is essential. But aesthetics do not have pure white teeth. Emax crowns provide the desired aesthetic appearance compatible with natural teeth thanks to their high light transmittance rate.

How long do Emax Crowns take?

Emax crown treatment can be completed in 1 visit if CAD and CAM method is applied, or it can be done in 3 or 4 days if performed with traditional dentistry methods.

The treatment process is no different than other crown treatment processes. After the patient's first consultation and examination, the tooth or teeth to be crowned are cleaned from infections and filled. After the filling, or root canal treatment, the dentist executes a 1 mm abrasion, and the final measurements are taken.

After the measurement, Emax crowns are produced with the help of CAD / CAM (Computer Aided /Manufacturing) technology and applied to the patient within the same day. If the Emax crown is to be crafted with traditional dentistry methods, the appointment is given 3 or 4 days later by attaching temporary crowns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Emax Crown?

If you need a dental crown, it is crucial to know every aspect of crown treatment. Here are the pros and cons of Emax crowns which are the most popular dental crowns.

Advantages of Emax Crowns

  • They are made with highly durable materials-lithium disilicate, and have more than 15 years of life expectancy.
  • Emax is a safe material that is also used for the protection of hip joints, and they don't cause irritation.
  • Emax crowns have a soft structure that reduces sensitivity. This structure prevents the formation of plaque and preserves its natural color.
  • Since Emax crowns are not as complex as zirconia or metal crowns, when applied, no gap occurs between the gingival line and the height, which prevents food from getting stuck.
  • Emax crowns can be preferred for sparse teeth, messy teeth, chipped teeth, and decayed teeth.

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You can make a free appointment below to have a e-max dental crowns in Antalya.
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E-max Crown Disadvantages

Although Emax crowns provide many advantages for patients, they don't have so many disadvantages. Their biggest drawback is the high cost. In addition, they are not used in long bridge applications because they do not have enough rigid structures to support them.

Emax Crown Treatment in Turkey

Dental patients prefer Turkey for a true balance of quality and affordability. It is also controlled by the ministry of health. Turkey’s proximity to Europe and Russia made it one of the top choices for dental tourism. Turkey treats more than 130,000 dental patients every year. For many Europeans, Turkey is the go-to dental destination point.

Highlights of Turkey

  • Location: Most patients can reach Turkey with just 2 hours of a direct flight.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and clinics,
  • Up to 70 percent lower cost advantages,
  • Highly experienced and well-educated dental experts,
  • Lifelong follow-ups for foreign patients (through the phone and e-mail)
  • Holiday opportunities; Especially clinics in Antalya provide excellent holiday opportunities along with high-quality dental treatments.

E-Max Crowns FAQ

E-Max Crowns - Antalya

Do E-max Crowns stain?

Emax crowns are highly resistant to staining. However, excessive consumption of red wine, coffee, and cigarettes may stain them. It is not possible to remove these stains with regular dental cleaning. They can only be cleaned with professional care.

Can Emax Crown last a lifetime?

Emax crowns can last up to 15 -20 years. This period can be extended through proper oral care.

Can EMAX Crowns be whitened?

Emax crowns can't be whitened, as with other artificial teeth. Emax crowns with excessive staining and discoloration need to be replaced.

Do EMAX Crowns look real?

The most important reason for preferring Emax crowns is their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

How do you care for an Emax Crown?

Since Emax crowns are a porcelain material, they should be protected against tooth grinding and clenching. Apart from that, it would be sufficient to apply the same maintenance to our natural teeth.

Do Emax Crowns break?

Even though Emax crowns resist breaks and damage, they can still be broken. In such cases, small fractures can be repaired with composite bonding. For larger cracks, they may require replacement.

Does the teeth under the Emax coating decay?

The crown treatment shields the teeth against decay, but it can’t completely prevent bacteria formation inside the crown. So oral and dental hygiene is of great importance to prevent decay.

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