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What is full mouth dental implant treatment? What should be considered for full mouth dental implant treatment in Antalya?

A full dental implant is applied if no tooth is left in the jaw or if the remaining teeth need to be extracted. In this method, 6 or 8 implants are placed on the patient, and fixed bridges are applied between these implants. When determining the number of implants placed in the jaw, the dentists should consider the quality and amount of bone, the amount of lost tissue, intraoral and extraoral aesthetics, and implant inclination. Prices of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey can be up to 70 per cent reasonable compared to the UK and European countries.

Full Dental Implants Turkey

Tooth and bone loss is one of the most common aging problems, and if left untreated, they significantly affect the aesthetic appearance of patients, as well as chewing capabilities. Today, most patients prefer full-mouth dental restoration instead of living with this problem. Full dental implants, especially if bone augmentation is needed, are one of the most complex dental treatments. Therefore, well-trained and experienced dentists should be preferred for a successful and long-lasting implant treatment. In addition, implant materials must be proven to be successful in long-term clinical trials.

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What is Full Dental Implant Dental Treatment? Which dental clinic is best for me?

A full mouth dental implant is applied if no tooth is left in the jaw or if the remaining teeth need to be extracted. In this method, 6 or 8 implants are placed on the patient, and fixed bridges are applied between these implants. When determining the number of implants placed in the jaw, the dentists should consider the quality and amount of bone, the amount of lost tissue, intraoral and extraoral aesthetics, and implant inclination.

If the patient's bone structure is insufficient, the All-on-four treatment can be applied to the patient. However, in the full dental implants technique, patients can apply more pressure to the molars, especially compared to the All-on-four technique, and more comfortable chewing is provided.

Data obtained from the patient's smile design is utilized when placing implants. The diameter and thickness of the implants differ according to the regions where they are used. While narrower and thinner implants are preferred in the upper frontal jaw regions where aesthetics is important, thicker and wider implants are preferred for the rear sides of the jaw.

Straumann - the Swiss quality-is the global leader in implantology with 60 years of experience. At Antlara Dental, you can have these high-quality dental implants with 25 years of experienced dentists and orthodontists.

What is the Success Rate of Full Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implant treatments have a high success rate as well as being long-lasting treatments. Here are the detailed success rates of this treatment. Here are the numbers:

  • %97 success rate over 5 years
  • %94 success rate over 10 Years
  • %91 success rate over 15 Years

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How Painful Are Full Dental Implants?

Full-mouth dental implant treatments are made under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient, so patients don’t feel anything other than the vibrations of dental tools. However, some sensitivity occurs after the placement of implants which can easily be managed with medicine.

Are you asleep for Dental Implants? Will I receive general anesthesia? or local anesthesia?

Most dental implant treatments are made under local anesthesia so patients can see everything during the surgery. However, for some patients who have uncontrolled fears of this treatment, general anesthesia is administered.

Will my mouth hurt after dental implant treatment?

After the implant treatment, the sores in the mouth completely disappear within one to two weeks. During this period, the dentist prescribed some medicine to manage these sores.

How Should I Care For A New Dental Crown?

The most important points that you should pay attention to for proper dental crown maintenance are as follows;

  • You should avoid tough and sticky foods,
  • You should continue to brush and floss as you would do with your regular teeth.
  • You should use the night guard recommended by your dentist, if you have grinding habits.
  • You should have regular checkups with your dentist.

How Many Teeth Are in Full Dental Implants?

A healthy jawbone can support up to 12 implants, but it is obligatory to apply a minimum of 6 implants for a full mouth dental treatment for each jaw. For a healthy and long-lasting full dental implants treatment, 8 implants for each jaw provide better results. The most significant advantage of 8 implants compared to 6 one is that the dentist can pide the mouth into 4 separate regions. However, he can only pide the mouth into 2 different regions into 6 implants. So, the pressure applied on each implant section decreases significantly in the 8 implants treatment model.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Full Dental Implants?

The first requirement for the best candidate for a whole-mouth dental implant is to have a good general health condition. The patient should also have some requirements for this treatment. Here are some of them;

Gum Health

In implant treatments, the patient must have no gum diseases, or they should ultimately be removed from the gums. Any surgery without curing gum disease increases the risks of bone infection, thus implant failure.

Bone Density

For whole teeth implants restoration, patients must have the sufficient bone density to support implants. For patients with insufficient bone structure, the All-on-four treatment method or bone strengthening surgeries can be preferred. These surgeries are;

Bone Augmentation

In this treatment, reinforcement is made through bone powder, or bone pieces are taken from different parts of the patient's body.

Sinus Lifting

This treatment is performed by adding bone tissues to the lower part of the sinus area.

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How Full Dental Implants Procedure is Done?

Full dental implants treatments are 3-stage treatments consisting of two different visits.

Stage 1: Consultation

A detailed examination of the patient's mouth is performed, and impressions of the upper and lower jaws are taken with the help of panoramic X-Rays. DT (Dental Tomography) determines the quality of bones and anatomical bone structures. With the help of CAD (Computer Aided Design), it is determined where the implants will be placed.

Stage 2 : Fixing Implants

First, the patient is administered local anesthesia, and holes are drilled for dental implants. After the surgery, the patient is discharged with his temporary prostheses, and a healing period lasting 3 to 6 months begins. In this period, the implants must be fully fused to the jawbone.

Stage 3 : Attachment of Permanent Teeth

At this stage, the patient's permanent bridges and crowns are produced and placed in their places by using the pre-prepared mock-up. This stage, the second visit to the dentist, can last up to 1 week.

A dentist designing teeth for dental implant with dental instruments in her hands.

How Many Days Do Full Dental Implants Take?

For a patient with a healthy jaw and bone structure, whole teeth implants treatment is applied in two different treatment processes. At the first visit, the necessary consultation and bite records are taken, the holes are drilled for the implants, and the implants are placed in their places. Usually, the patient gets temporary implants within the same day. After the treatment, the patient waits for at least 3 months for the implants to fully fuse to the jawbone. After the patient's healing process is completed, permanent implants, bridges, and crowns are placed. The second visit to the dental clinic can take up to 5 days or a week, depending on the success of the rehearsals.

The Lifespan of Full Dental Implants

In addition to being an effective and permanent solution, full dental implants treatments also help patients to stop jawbone resorption. Although the life expectancy of this treatment is considered to be 25 years, the exact success rates in this treatment are as follows;

  • %97 success rate: over 5 years
  • %94 success rate: over 10 Years
  • %91 success rate: over 15 Years

The maximum lifespan of a dental implant can only be achieved with proper oral care; however, some diseases that lead to osteoclasis, like diabetes, may also reduce the life span of implant treatment.

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You can make a free appointment below to have a full mouth dental implant in Antalya.
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The Benefits Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full dental implants are a reliable procedure and a good choice to replace multiple missing teeth. This treatment provides many extra benefits to patients, as well as acquiring a good-looking set of teeth.

Perseveration of Bone Structure

Teeth loss in the mouth causes shrinking in the gums due to deterioration in the jaw bones. Shrinking in the gums affects the appearance of patients and turns them look much older than they are

Behave Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental implants are similar to our usual teeth. As with our regular teeth, we can keep on our daily eating and cleaning habits.

A Younger Appearance

Full mouth dental applications give patients a much younger appearance thanks to the modifications they provide in the jawbone.

Risks of Full Dental Implants

Full dental implant applications are named complex treatments, especially when the bone restoration is required, and requires a careful treatment process in experienced hands. In these treatments, smile design should be well identified, and implants should be placed according to this design to prevent irreversible failures. A dentist with good aesthetic knowledge is a must for this treatment. At Antlara Dental, you will be accompanied by our aesthetic dentists with 20 and 30 years of experience and our orthodontic experts with more than 25 years of experience.

Among the most critical risks that may occur during this treatment are;

  • Infection
  • Implant rejection
  • Sinus Problems
  • Gum Recession around the implants

What are the types of Full Dental Implant Treatments?

There are two different types of full-mouth dental implant methods in general. These are;

  • Bridge and Crown application on Implants; In this method, permanent bridges and crowns are placed on 8 implants. In cases where 8 implants are hard to apply, permanent bridges and crowns can be placed on 6 implants.
  • The other method in which permanent prostheses are attached to fixed implants is called All-On-Four or All-On-Six.

Things to do before and after full mouth dental treatment?

The dentist requests some examinations before starting treatment. These tests are of great importance to minimize the risks after treatment. These procedures are;

  • Blood Test: A blood test allows dentists to determine whether the patient has systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Mouth Inspection: Biting, occlusion, gums, and alveolar bone structure are analyzed to determine where to insert the implants and their proper size.
  • X-Ray and CT Evaluation: X-Ray examination helps to determine the bone thickness and bone mass, while CT(Computer Tomography) helps to determine the bone height and exact places of implants. After the completion of treatment, the patient is required to use some painkillers to subside the pain that is caused by drilling or orthodontic surgeries. However, the most important thing for post-treatment has an excellent oral hygiene habit. The patient should keep brushing and flossing their teeth twice a day and should also keep away from detrimental habits like smoking.

dental implants befora after

Full Dental Implants in Turkey?

Turkey is among the pioneering countries in modern medical treatments, and you can also easily see this success in dental treatments. Turkey, which houses almost one million health tourists every year, is preferred by approximately 130 000 foreign tourists for just dental treatment. Sophisticated dental clinics in Turkey are called dental hospitals, and all dental treatments, from aesthetic surgery to complex orthodontic treatments, are performed at these clinics.

In addition to being close to Europe and Russia, Turkey offers excellent holiday opportunities for its visitors.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey package deals;

  • Since the treatment fees in Turkey are so affordable, the best quality materials in dental treatments can be preferred without much affecting the overall costs.
  • One of the essential factors that affect the success of dental treatment is the dentist's experience. You can find well-educated and skilled dentists in Turkey with remarkably reasonable price advantages.
  • In addition to having high-quality dental treatment in Turkey, you can also have great holiday opportunities .

At Antlara Dental, we serve in one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Here you can find aesthetic dentists with more than 20 years of experience and Orthodontists who have worked in the largest dental hospitals in Turkey and published many scientific articles.

After meeting our experienced team, our patients have more confidence in our clinic. We are struggling to maintain this confidence that we build as Antlara Dental.

How Much Full Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

Full mouth dental implants in Turkey's price can be up to 70 percent reasonable compared to the UK and some European countries. Here is a comparison of the cost of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey and the UK.

Turkey Europe / UK
Single Tooth Implant 400£ – 1000£ 1000£ – 3500£
Full Mouth Implant 6000£ – 10000£ 10000£ – 35000£

One of the important factors affecting full-mouth dental implant cost is orthodontic treatments performed in the mouth. Below you can see the comparison of these treatment prices between Turkey and the UK.

Turkey Europe / UK
Bone Grafting 150£ – 300£ 600£ – 800£
Sinus Lifting per side 150£ – 200£ 650£ – 1000£

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