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Hollywood Smile (Smile Makeover) in Turkey, Antalya

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What is Hollywood Smile (Smile Makeover) treatment?

Hollywood Smile design has become so popular in recent years. This treatment appeals to almost all age groups and offers a unique opportunity for those who want a flawless look while laughing. Choosing a high-quality dentist or dental clinic is vital as you will carry their signature on your face for many years. If you want quality treatment without wrapping your budget too much, it is helpful to look at the opportunities offered by Turkey.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The smiles of Hollywood stars, which have fascinated people for years, have now become a treatment accessible to everyone. We can simply define this brilliant smile design as follows;

  • When laughed, the teeth are fully visible,
  • It is a shiny and white smile,
  • When our lips are in a free position, the tips of our teeth are somewhat visible.

Of course, for the Hollywood Smile, it is vital not only to adjust your teeth makeover but also to adjust the tooth sizes and shapes suitable for your face shape, lip structure, and the distance between your eyes.

Hollywood Smile before after
dentist and patient smiles in front of dental clinic logo

What is a Hollywood Smile?

In Hollywood Smile, especially the two upper front teeth, should be the longest teeth and the teeth become shorter towards the back, that is, to the molars. This way, a parallel with the lower lip and teeth is formed during the smile. This exact image is what the desired Hollywood Smile is.

The most preferred methods for this treatment are laminate and zirconium veneers. In this decision, the expectations of the patient and the shape of the teeth are decisive. If zirconium is to be used, a greater abrasion of the teeth is applied, but if the laminate is to be used, a very small trimming on the front of the tooth is sufficient.

How much does Hollywood Smile cost?

Hollywood smile prices vary significantly according to the type of material used in the treatment. Below, you can review the price evaluation for a Hollywood Smile design with 20 prosthetic teeth (10 on the top and 10 on the bottom).

Depending on the specific needs, these prices may vary greatly. Hollywood Smile price is calculated by assessing the average charges in the specified countries.

1. Turkey;

  • €5000 :20 Porcelain or veneers and gum aesthetic
  • €5000 :20 Zirconia crown and gum aesthetic

2. UK ;

  • £15000 :20 Porcelain veneer
  • £13500 :20 Zirconia crown

3. Netherlands;

  • €10 000 :20 Porcelain veneer
  • €12 000 :20 Zirconia crown

4. USA;

  • $ 25 000 : 20 Porcelain veneer
  • $ 30 000 : 20 Zirconia crown

What is Hollywood Smile Procedure?

The Hollywood Smile design involves different procedures for each patient. The patient may need additional procedures in line with his specific condition.

The patient's first examination is performed, and in this examination, the position of the teeth pattern is examined. The problems such as front teeth are not aligned with the back teeth are determined

Hollywood smile design is first designed digitally in the computer environment. However, digital data does not give accurate results. Dentists perform several operations on the teeth according to the digital design.

This is sometimes the gingival arrangement with a simple laser or sometimes the rasping process on the front surfaces of the teeth, which is entirely evident after the examination. After all these procedures, the essential measurement is taken and laboratory procedures are started.

In line with digital design, corrections are made again according to the lip and nose structure of the patient with the help of a mock-up. After the final smile design is determined, the application process is started according to the patient's veneer or crown preference.

Who is the best candidate for Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile design has been practiced for about 30 years. In the early days, regardless of the woman, man, and age of the patient, the same smile design was being applied to everyone.

However, now, when designing a Hollywood Smile, it is made by observing all parameters such as whether the patient is male or female, the patient’s job, skin color, height, face shape, etc. For example, brighter teeth are preferred for a correspondent, while teeth with more natural colors are used for someone who works in an official institution.

Benefits of Hollywood Smile

In general, it is possible to recap the advantages of Hollywood Smiles as follows:

  1. Have a much more aesthetic and beautiful smile,
  2. A symmetrical and white tooth appearance,
  3. A healthier appearance of teeth and gums,
  4. Treatment of existing tooth and gum diseases is also provided,
  5. An accurate mouth closure is achieved,
  6. A smile line is created in the form of a half moon.
  7. This smile design supports the person's younger and more energetic appearance.
Smile Makeover before after
dentist in turkey having dental work with her patient

How long will a Hollywood Smile last?

The life of Hollywood Smile treatment may vary according to the life of the material and methods to be applied in the treatment. We can briefly summarize these treatments and their lifespan as follows;

  • Porselen Veneer: up to 10 years
  • Porcelain crown: up to 20 years
  • Laminate veneers: up to 17 years
  • Zirconia crowns: up to 25 years
  • Zirconia veneers: up to 20 years

The veneers or crowns used in Hollywood Smile treatment can be replaced after completing their beneficial life without requiring a long and laborious treatment process.

In almost all scientific studies about the lifespan of artificial dentistry, it has been observed that the rate of discoloration is quite high among smokers. So is the Hollywood Smile.

What is the best type of Hollywood Smile?

To decide which treatment is the best fit for you, you can review smile makeover before and after photos of different clinics. The most important factors determining which treatment method can be listed are as follows.

  1. The occlusion style of the mouth it is released,
  2. The size of the teeth,
  3. Mouth and jaw structure,
  4. Lip structure,
  5. Face shape.

Seeing these criteria, the most appropriate treatment method is determined for the patient.

Which Methods Are Used in the Treatment of Hollywood Smile?


Gingivectomy is the removal of gum excess by surgical intervention. The treatment provides both a dental makeover and prevents the formation of bacteria by food residues that are not cleaned by brushing and remain between the gums.

Tooth Bleaching;

If the patient’s tooth and mouth structure are sufficient enough to provide the desired Hollywood Smile design, successful results can be achieved through tooth bleaching and small aesthetic operations.

Implant Treatment;

If patients have missing teeth in their mouths or if they have teeth that need to be extracted, their missing teeth are completed through implant treatment.

Crown Treatment;

People with too many disorders with their teeth may prefer crown treatment. For the crown treatment, each material requires different abrasions on the teeth. These methods and the amount of removal on the teeth are;

  • Porcelain Crowns: Around 1mm trimming on the tooth surface,
  • Zirconia Crowns: Around 1.5 to 2 mm trimming on the tooth surface.

Veneer Treatment;

Since they require very little scraping on the tooth surface, veneers are the most preferred method in Hollywood Smile. Here are the trimming depths of the different types of veneers.

  • Porcelain Veneers: 0.3 - 0.7 mm trimming,
  • Laminate Veneers: 01-0.3 mm trimming,
  • Zirconia Veneers: 0.7-1 mm trimming,
  • Emax Veneers: 0.3-0.5 mm trimming.
patinet smiles in front of antlara dental clinic logo in antalya turkey

How long does Hollywood Smile take?

Hollywood Smile design is usually done in 2 or 3 sessions lasting 10 to 15 days. However, extended periods may be required if the patient needs implant treatment and bone augmentation.

If you are planning to come to Turkey from abroad for this treatment, you can apply to the dentist with your oral and dental pictures and panoramic x-ray image to get information about the treatment time, smile makeover cost, and what kind of process will await you.

Thus, you can more accurately adjust your departure time and budget for treatment. In addition to that, if you have sample photos that you like, you can send them to the clinic.

How do you maintain a Hollywood Smile?

After long research on which Hollywood Smile dental clinic to prefer, enduring a painstaking treatment process and a cost that will shake your budget, your new smile now deserves good care. Here are the “do” and “not to do” lists of aftercare for a Hollywood smile.

What to Do

  • Keep regular visits to the dentist more than ever to assess your Hollywood Smile and clean professionally.
  • Brush and floss regularly. Although it is a simple method that everyone knows, it is also what puts your Hollywood Smile treatment in danger the most.

What Not to Do

  • Keep away from biting your nails. This habit leads to chipped and uneven teeth.
  • Don’t consume too many such foods as coffee, soda, or tea, as they lead to discoloration on the tooth surface.
  • Don’t bite hard things or foods.

Maintain your Hollywood Smile with us

If you have a cosmetic dental question, our dentists are here to help you. To schedule a consultation, call us at (6780) 133-1993 / +44 7770 537 469 or visit our London office.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

What should be considered for a great Hollywood smile in Turkey, Antalya?

Hollywood Smile design has become so popular in recent years. This treatment appeals to almost all age groups and offers a unique opportunity for those who want a flawless look while laughing.

Choosing a high-quality dentist or dental clinic is vital as you will carry their signature on your face for many years. If you want quality treatment without wrapping your budget too much, it is helpful to look at the opportunities offered by Turkey.

The most important advantage of getting a smile makeover Turkey is, of course, to get this treatment at 70% affordable teeth makeover cost. However, there is another advantage offered by Turkey, which is that it provides a treatment atmosphere in the pleasure of a holiday that allows you to take this stressful treatment process comfortably.

If you have decided to have your Hollywood Smile in Turkey, you can double your advantages by choosing Antalya, the best holiday destination in Europe.

Hollywood Smile Design - Frequently Asked Questions

Hollywood Smile Design - Antalya

Is Hollywood Smile Safe?

Hollywood smile is a safe procedure that has been applied for more than 30 years, but you should be careful when choosing a clinic.

  • Dentist; Must be a cosmetic dentist with years of experience,
  • Clinic; Must have a dental team that can carry out orthodontic operations such as bone strengthening or sinüs lifting.
  • Best quality materials; The cost of material used for a dental treatment doesn’t affect the treatment too much. So be sure to use the best quality materials.

Is Hollywood Smile Removable?

After this treatment, it is only possible to return to your old smile if the laminate veneers are applied without too much abrasion. In other treatments, it is not possible to return to your prior smile because the amount of abrasion on the teeth is high.

Is Hollywood Smile Good for Teeth?

In the Hollywood smile design, all infections and plaque formations on the teeth and gums are removed. The patient gets a clean and healthy mouth. If needed, the patient's missing teeth are completed through implant treatment. In addition, since people who have Hollywood smiles pay more attention to dental and oral care, their general health is positively affected.

Does Hollywood Smile Hurt?

In the Hollywood Smile treatment, the process is usually made under local anesthesia, and sometimes general anesthesia can be applied depending on the patient's fear factor. No pain or soreness is felt during the treatment. Only swelling and pain may occur after the treatment and can easily be removed by drug therapy.

Is Hollywood Smile Permanent?

Hollywood Smile treatment is a permanent treatment. However, the dental materials used in this treatment need to be replaced after expired date.

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