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Hollywood Smile Turkey: Oliver and Olivia's Impressive Journey!

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Oliver and Olivia's Impressive Hollywood Smile Turkey Journey

A Hollywood smile refers to a set of dental procedures done to achieve a specific aesthetic look. The goal of the Hollywood smile treatment is to have the teeth gradually decrease in size towards the back, with the front teeth's tips being visible when the mouth is relaxed. While some have this smile from birth, others may need a little struggle or even a conscious partner. Olivia was one of them and it was her husband's duty to inspire her to move forward.

It was just another day at the carwash, but Oliver could not have been happier that his car looked brand new after just 20 minutes of work. Upon his return, he could see the same pleasure in Olivia's eyes. Olivia's contentment was only apparent through her eyes, as she had long forgotten how to smile joyfully. Turning to his wife, Oliver asked with a smile.

Oliver- "Isn't it time we did ourselves the same favor?"

Oliva - ”What favor.”

Oliver- "Reviving our smiles as we did our cars."



Oliver's determination pays off

hollywood smile turkey cost

This long dialogue opened up new ideas for both of them, and they started to dig deeper into the topic. They needed to determine their needs first. There were several issues with Olivia’s teeth, including an excessively inward bite, tooth loss, and cavities in her back teeth. In addition to fixing their teeth, they intended that the treatment would give her a beautiful new smile. During their research in England, they discovered that the cost of implants, root canal treatments, bridges, and veneer treatments would range between 25000 and 35000 pounds. When factoring in Oliver's treatment needs, the total cost would be nearly 50,000 pounds.

Olivia felt they should hold off for a bit longer because she was not quite prepared to pay such a steep price just yet. Oliver, however, was determined to solve this issue. He once again knocked on the door of a London clinic to discuss installment terms and payment options.

He searched for it in London but ended up finding it in Antalya.

best hollywood smile in turkey

The clinic suggested using lower-quality materials to achieve the desired prices. Oliver, however, turned down the offer, and the dentist mentioned their partnership with Antlara Dental in Turkey, which employs skilled dentists and uses only premium materials. Plus, he assured him that they would handle any post-treatment issues in line with their agreement with Antlara Dental. Oliver resolved to examine the Turkish clinic. Over the course of her ten days of research, Oliver sent out messages to the clinic's clients in an effort to find negative reviews, but he did not find any.

Antlara Dental examined Olivia's smile and discovered concave teeth towards the back, causing light to be refracted and dark areas to form inside the mouth. The front four teeth was narrowing the smile corridor, making her back teeth appear darker than they were. Olivia needed veneers to enlarge her front teeth, move back the lateral incisors, and expand all other teeth with veneers and crowns along the smile corridor to achieve a clear and proper tooth design.

Hollywood Smile cost comparison Turkey-England

Based on preliminary exams, Olivia's Hollywood smile treatment would include these treatments.

Oliver was astonished that the total cost of his transactions, which also included roundtrip and holiday expenses were still less than half of what he would typically spend in England. Additionally, they received the treatment at a top-tier dental facility from a highly skilled team.

Antalya Hollywood Smile impressions

Olivia's Hollywood Smile Turkey Before and After

Oliver and Olivia's journey to Turkey was like a delightful vacation. Antlara Dental exceeded their expectations. They completed their treatments with the peace of mind of being able to find answers to all the questions they wanted about the treatment process, the production phase of the prostheses, determining the smile design, and deciding on the colors of the veneers. 

Ms. Dilek A. Guler, chief dentist, and Ortho. Ugur Agar carried out the entire procedure. Ms. Dilek also adjusted Olivia's lateral incisor positions based on her calculated asymmetrical nose and lip structures as part of the treatment. Despite Olivia's oral problems, having a healthy gum structure made the treatment easier and contributed significantly to the natural smile she desired.

Oliver and Olivia were among the ten million tourists that flocked to Antalya. But Antalya gave them much more than a vacation—it presented them with a new smile.

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