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How to Choose Dental Implant and Most Trusted Implant Companies Antalya

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Finding thebest implant companyis the dentist's responsibility, but the patient should find the best dentist. Differentdental implant companiesproduce implants of different thicknesses, lengths, and shapes. The application of these implants on patients can also vary according to the types.

A dentist with experience and training in Straumann or Zimmer Biocare implants may not be familiar with Nobel Biocare implants. They may have no problem applying to a different product, but a product they know will work best and is easier to apply.

So, persistence about the implant brand applied by the dentist can lead to unfavorable results in this regard.

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Dental Implant Treatment

In addition to replacing a missing tooth in terms of function and aesthetics, implants also prevent jaw bone loss. For the success of the treatment, they must be applied immediately after tooth extraction. Otherwise, they can cause damage to the jawbone and narrow the space between teeth by causing losses in jawbone density.

Well-Known Dental Implant Companies

Dental implants are generally made using similar production techniques. Titanium is used for most implants, though zirconium is sometimes used in a few types. Even though they have similar production materials and techniques, the best dental implant companies have three common features.

Top 10 Dental Implants Brands Scaled

1. Long-Term Scientific Research

Only a few dental implant companies have proven their implants through long-term scientific studies that require expensive and lengthy processes. Despite the claims of some companies that their products are supported by scientific studies, most of these studies are usually mid-term. Straumann's scientific team has the strongest capabilities in this area. There are also dental implant brands to avoid which don't have any long-term studies.

2. Processing Methods

Each brand uses a different production technique. While some implant production methods use bulk production, others produce them inpidually and support them manually. Additionally, the companies may use different methods for processing implants with acids and chemicals. The process can be done in less sterile environments by some companies, while other companies send their implants to large facilities that specialize in this field.

3. Design

Once an implant is placed in the patient, it is expected to fuse with the bone and stay firmly in place. Implant designs have a great role in the process of bonding the implants. The bone tissues wrap around the implant within 2-3 months and adhere tightly to it.

In addition, different types of implant applications are required in different parts of the jaw. Each company claims that its implants are more tightly fused to the jawbone with their unique designs.

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Top 10 Implant Companies

In light of these three criteria, we will look through a dental implant brand list that stands out among hundreds.

1. Straumann


Since 1954, Straumann has hosted many scientific studies at its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Supporting its products with long-term scientific studies, Straumann claims to have the largest scientific team in the world. With over 40 sales representatives in different countries, mostly in Europe, it holds 17% of the global implant market.

2. Hiossen (Osstem Implant)

Having an extensive service network in America, Mexico, and Canada, the company ships its products to more than 70 countries. Within 10 years, the company has grown to become one of the world's largest implantology manufacturers, with over 4500 employees.

With its unique designs similar to natural tooth roots, Hiossen Implants sets itself apart from other implant products.

3. Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet manufactures both implantology and bone and joint products. The headquarters of the company is located in Warsaw, Indiana, USA. With more than 18,000 employees, the company has served the health sector since 1927 and has proven its products with long-term scientific studies.

4. Nobel Biocare (Danaher)

Nobel Biocare

Founded in Switzerland, Nobel Biocare was acquired by Danaher in 2014. With over 65 years of experience in the field of implantology, the company is one of the industry's pioneers. The company developed the first CAD-CAM producing processes sample in 1989, the first tempered implant in 1997, and the first zygomatic implant in 1988.

In addition to providing training opportunities to tens of thousands of dentists, the company is also involved in joint studies with universities.

5. Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply Sirona

Dentsply and Sirona merged in 2016, resulting in the company's growth. With its Astra Tech Implant systems, the company has come to the forefront with innovative products in recent years. Dentsply Sirona has more than a hundred years of experience and is among the biggest dental implant companies.

6. Biohorizons

Founded in 1994 by a group of engineers in Alabama, the Biohorizons stands out with its wide variety of products and can meet all requirements of a dental clinic.

Tapered Short implants are the focus of a new guided surgery approach developed by the firm. The company's updated instrument designs minimize stack height, while keyless drills simplify surgical procedures.

7. Euroteknika

Euroteknika is a French company founded in 1992. It manufactures implant prostheses as well as dental implants. Known by its short name ETK, the company has patented many implantology products based on scientific experiments. In addition to its nearly 150 product range, the company manufactures a wide range of prosthetic dental products.

8. Megagen

South Korean company Magagen was founded in 2002. It claims to have long-lasting and durable implants, which it stands out for with its different designs for different needs. This company, which has developed multiple implant systems, is known for its long-lasting Any Ridge implant system.

9. Implant Direct

One of the top dental implant companies, Implant Direct, is based in California and usually sells online worldwide. It also provides educational support for its implants. With over 125 years of dental expertise and more than 30 trusted brands, Implant Direct is part of Envista's family of dental operating companies.

10. DTI

Turkish company DTI brings together scientists from across Europe and Turkey and produces innovative solutions. The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and offers innovative ideas through its Short Implant, Power4 Implant, and DTI-1 implant models, as well as designs that accelerate bone formation in narrow spaces.

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Which Dental Implant Should I Choose?

A patient may prefer a particular brand. Nevertheless, he may not be able to select the dentist and implant brand together. Ideally, dentists should choose implant brands with which they are familiar and whose companies have provided them with training support.

Due to their training and product knowledge, dentists work with a limited number of brands. Further, today companies are trying to develop innovative products that improve the functionality of their designs.

Additionally, while choosing the implant, the dentist should take into account the area of use of the implant. In different types of situations, different brands may provide more efficient solutions. This is why the dentist's choice of implant is crucial. By researching, patients can't decide what implant brand they should use.

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At Antlara Dental, we use Straumann dental implants. So, we provide our patients with all warranty conditions offered by Straumann Company when they receive treatment from us. A failed implant caused by poor-quality products is a very serious problem, especially in treatments such as all-on-four and all-on-six.

Ask your dentist in advance what brand of implant they uses for implant treatment. If they do not offer you a quality brand, finding another dentist would be more beneficial, even if the price is affordable.

Dental Implant Brands to Avoid

There are many implant brands in the industry that are produced by imitating other brands on the market with no scientific basis. These dental implant brands to avoid significantly impact the treatment success. Unlike low-quality implants, which can be mass-produced mechanically, high-quality implants necessitate a lengthy and painstaking process. For a more in-depth knowledge of the subject, let's look into the key considerations of a high-quality dental implant.

Key Consideration for high Quality Implant Brands

  • During the development of the implant, new designs are created through scientific research and updates on currently proven implants.
  • Implants are made from biocompatible materials and do not contain any toxic materials such as nickel.
  • The cutting machines used in production cut with a tolerance of only a few microns and guarantee the quality of the implant.
  • Eye examination using a microscope and robotic inspection for both internal and external diameters are conducted.
  • A robotic cleaning process sterilizes the implant.
  • The reactive hydrophilic surface of the implants improves stability resulting in decreased treatment duration.
  • The acid treatment of implants removes harmful carbon from their surface, forming a microstructure that aids in osseointegration (fusing of the implant to the bone).
  • Storage in a sterile liquid.

Getting a good implant brand also makes treatment easier, helps heal faster, and makes sure your implants last longer. For example, in the case of Straumann's BLX implants, the new neck design makes it possible to place the implant inside the bone. Thus, it allows crowns to be placed on implants with less surgical intervention.

A Brief Overview of Dental Implants to Avoid

More than a hundred different implant brands offer thousands of different types of implant models. Note that the majority of these are far from meeting the necessary criteria for an implant. Even if a certain brand of implants is known for producing high-quality products, it does not guarantee that each individual model is as well. Quality brands often discontinue many models due to the lack of success in their treatments. Here are some crucial criteria for dental implant brands to avoid.

  • You should first avoid all implant brands that are offered in internet marketplaces.
  • Regardless of the reputation of the brand, if a new implant type is created apart from previous designs, it is highly unlikely to have the required scientific data. Hence, you need to avoid these kinds of implant models.
  • There are implants that provide training specifically for dentists on how to use their implants, which could be beneficial to both parties. Keep away from the dentist-recommended brand if they are firm about it.
  • A successful implant model requires long-term scientific research which takes 8-10 years of study. Avoid implant brands not grounded in scientific research.

The bulk of our time in the clinic is occupied with the replacement of substandard implant brands. Patients can only understand the value of a quality implant brand when they have to renew their treatment. At Antlara Dental, we use Straumann's BLX and TLX implants—implants that have been in continuous development and use for 30 years—because we know firsthand how important it is to use high-quality implants for our patients.

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