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How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey: 5 Key Factors

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How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people choose low-cost countries like Turkey for dental treatment. While dental tourism in these countries increases high-quality treatment options, it also has downsides.

It is like a fire in front of you—if you are careless, you will get burned, but if you use it right, it may help you cook, heat, light up, or meet any of your needs. Likewise, if exorbitant medical expenses are motivating you to seek treatment overseas, it is imperative to conduct a thorough assessment. Otherwise, you may face risks unconsciously. I will now go over five key points to keep in mind when you search for a dental clinic abroad.

1. Know your treatment needs.

Turkey is one of the countries where dental procedures are offered at significantly lower prices. Treatments that would cost between $15,000 and $20,000 in the UK are already available in Turkey for $5,000 to $7,000 without sacrificing the quality of treatment. However, the fundamental question arises: Is the treatment really necessary? Would you take a drug based on its lower price alone?

In a lengthy dental treatment, this initial phase is the most crucial one. A Turkish woman named Hulya told me that she had sought the advice of ten dentists before my consultation, each offering different recommendations. Similar to Hulya, if a dentist's advice would result in causing significant damage to your natural teeth, you should hold back on an immediate response. Because this is the beginning of an irreversible procedure, like a marriage proposal.

2. Focus longevity of clinic's treatments

Reading reviews and comments left by patients during dental procedures can teach us a lot about what to expect from the process. Nevertheless, what holds genuine significance for you is finding out about the long-lasting effects of the treatments. On the other hand, comments or testimonials regarding the treatments' long-term effects are extremely hard to come by. So how can one ascertain the efficacy of a clinic's treatments in terms of their long-term outcomes? Here are the three important factors to take into account for a long-lasting results of your treatments.

a- Focus on clinic post-treatment facilities.

Clinics that are confident in their treatments' long-term results usually have a service network for post-treatment complications to please patients.

b- Check the warranty.

Clinics that prioritise quality exhibit a high level of detail in their warranty documents, which protects patients from possible issues.

c- Consider the clinic's experience.

The longevity of a clinic's operations increases the likelihood that it will develop long-lasting relationships with its patients and establish institutional memory.

3. Before-and-after photographs reveal important subtleties.

On the clinics' Facebook and Instagram pages, before-and-after images provide crucial hints. Nevertheless, these images usually provide no insight into the treatment procedure. Consequently, you should only place importance on before and after pictures that show a thorough description of the treatment.

Let us closely analyse the two pictures below in order to gain a deeper understanding of the matter. Despite the impressive outcomes seen in both images, 29-year-old Warren should not proceed with crown treatment. On the other hand, Eric's extensive crooks make crown treatment the ideal choice for him. So, while you examine the before and after photos, consider the treatment in light of the question of whether it is worth it.

Before-and-after photographs reveal important subtleties.

Before-and-after photographs reveal important subtleties-1

4. Do your research on the country's prices and avoid low-cost clinics.

Undeniably, a significant correlation exists between pricing and the quality of treatment. To determine whether a clinic's fee is disproportionately low or too high, it's essential to thoroughly investigate the cost of dental treatment in Turkey or any country you'd like to visit. For ease of comparison, assess the cost within this framework.

  • The quality of the dental material employed
  • Post-treatment services and warranty terms provided by the clinic
  • The knowledge and expertise of the treatment team
  • The clinic's use of state-of-the-art intraoral scanning equipment.
  • Clinic's commitment to hygiene during treatment
  • Accommodation and transfer services provided by the clinic.

5. Beware of the positive consequences of complex dental treatments

Although complex dental treatments involve many errors and long-term complications, it is very difficult for patients to notice these and include these issues in their comments. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that complex dental treatments may mislead patients and that they may still express their satisfaction with the treatment despite having a treatment full of errors.

Get the care you need, and do not let the astronomical cost of treatment put you off. Since the Turkish lira has recently undergone a dramatic devaluation, prices have fallen relative to other currencies, allowing for very affordable, high-quality treatments. Although this situation may lead to the emergence of some opportunistic clinics, you can overcome it with good research.

As Antlara, we have been treating European patients in Antalya for more than 20 years. Here at our clinic, we offer a full range of dental treatments performed by a team of highly trained professionals. Additionally, our partner clinics in Brussels and London can handle the crucial post-treatment services. Feel free to reach out to us on our WhatsApp line if you are thinking about scheduling dental work. Our dentists will assess your case quickly using an intraoral image you provide.

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