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How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains on Teeth?

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How to get rid of yellow stains on teeth

Yellow teeth can prevent a person from talking and smiling confidently. Don't let tooth discolouration push you into social isolation.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

The primary and most significant cause of tooth discolouration is an inadequate oral care routine. Other reasons for tooth yellowing include:

  • An individual's saliva composition can also contribute to yellow stains on teeth. People with acidic saliva who do not brush their teeth regularly are more prone to tooth discolouration and decay.
  • Inborn enamel deficiency can cause teeth to be yellow and more susceptible to decay. (After the development of bones and jaw is complete, zirconium crowns should be considered to protect the individual's natural teeth.)
  • Iron supplements taken during childhood can stain children's teeth yellow.
  • Malnourished children may also experience tooth discolouration.
  • In children, insufficient contact of saliva with the front teeth can cause brown and black discolourations.
  • Even with regular oral and dental care, genetic factors can result in yellow teeth.
  • As enamel thins with age, the yellow dentin beneath becomes more visible, causing teeth to appear yellower over time.
  • Coloured beverages like tea, coffee, and wine can lead to tooth discolouration.
  • Excessive consumption of lemon water and fizzy drinks, due to their high acid content, can cause tooth decay and yellowing.

How to Naturally Whiten Yellow Teeth at Home?

If you have yellow teeth, brush them twice daily for two minutes with either a manual or electric toothbrush.

  • Choose fluoride toothpaste.
  • Use dental floss at least once a day.
  • Rinse with mouthwash.
  • Use a straw when consuming beverages that stain teeth.
  • Be moderate in your consumption of coffee, citrus fruits, tea, and red wine.
  • If you cannot brush your teeth after meals, chew sugar-free gum immediately.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Opt for toothpaste containing activated charcoal.
  • Use herbal chewing sticks (miswak).

What Else Can I Do Besides Home Care for Whiter Teeth?

For effective and lasting whiteness, we recommend consulting with our clinic's dentists. Natural teeth whitening methods at home may not always provide the desired results.

  • Regular visits to our dental clinic for check-ups, treatments, and professional teeth whitening procedures are essential.
  • If you have a teeth-grinding habit, use a night guard.
  • For those with genetically yellow teeth or those who desire pearly white teeth, visit our dental clinic in Antalya for laminate or Emax veneers and enjoy your white teeth for years to come.
  • Recent scientific studies have shown that activated charcoal does not have a significant whitening effect and can even damage the hard surfaces of teeth. Such treatments should not be performed at home.
  • Miswak can be effective in removing yellow stains due to its chemical components.

How Can I Prevent My Teeth from Yellowing?

If the cause of tooth discolouration is external, it can be prevented by maintaining dietary habits and oral hygiene after a teeth-whitening procedure.

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