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Periodontal Treatments in Turkey, Antalya

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Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal is the medical term for inflammation around the teeth; it is also known as gum disease. During their proliferation, the immune system reacts, causing inflammation. A gum disease erodes the gum and bone that surround your teeth, eventually resulting in decay and tooth loss. Especially before implant treatments such as standard implant, All on 4 and All on 6, gingival problems should be eliminated.

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Periodontal Treatments; Types and  Costs

a women show her teeth that has Periodontal teeth problems

Periodontal gingival diseases have a great impact on tooth loss. Most of the tooth loss in adults is due to periodontal diseases. Early diagnosis of these diseases is vital.

Periodontal disease that sneaks into our mouths shows its first symptoms with gingivitis (swelling in the gums). Bleeding in the gums increases, and volumetric growth is observed. When left untreated, they leave irreversible damage to the alveolar bones that support the teeth.

What Is Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal is the medical term for inflammation around the teeth; it is also known as gum disease. During their proliferation, the immune system reacts, causing inflammation. A gum disease erodes the gum and bone that surround your teeth, eventually resulting in decay and tooth loss. 

What Does Periodontal Treatment Include?

It is possible to reverse gum disease if found in its earliest stages, but once it has progressed, it is not so easy. If gingivitis is left untreated, this can progress to periodontitis, which could cause tooth loss and other health problems. Periodontal diseases fall into several categories, including:


Gingivitis occurs in people who do not care about the hygiene of their teeth. Gums are red, swollen, and bleed easily. With professional treatment and care, the gums return to their former state.


They penetrate the lower part of the gum and threaten teeth and jawbone. There may be chronic bad breath, receding gums, and pus-filled gingival pockets caused by infection.

in dental clinic Turkey a doctor examine the patient teeth that needs Periodontal Treatments

Aggressive Periodontitis

A rapid and progressive form of periodontitis in which the gingival tissue and the ligaments that attach your teeth are destroyed.

Chronic Periodontitis

A condition in which the gum tissue around the teeth and the bones are inflamed, and bone is lost. This form is characterized by gingival pocketing and gum recession.

Systemic Periodontitis

It is the outcome of gum infection due to systemic diseases such as;

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory disease

dentist and patient smiles after having Periodontal Treatments in Turkey

How Much Periodontal Treatment Cost? 

The costs for non-surgical periodontal disease treatment depend on a number of factors, including;

  • The extent of gum disease,
  • In periodontal treatments the mouth is pided by 4 quadrants and pricing is made accordingly,
  • Which treatments method are necessary,
  • The number of sessions.

You can examine the most common periodontal treatments costs in the table below.

  UK USA Turkey
Periodontal Treatments (60 minutes) £150-£250 $400-$800 £80-£150
Laser Periodontal Treatment (4 sessions) £1400-£2000 $3000-$5000 £200-£300
Deep Cleaning £250-£500 $500-$800 £100

Periodontal Disease Symptoms

The following are signs of periodontal disease;

  • Bleeding gums,
  • Red or inflated gums,
  • Any shift in the way your teeth fit jointly when you chew,
  • Loose teeth,
  • Nasty breath or taste, 
  • Unbearable chewing,
  • Susceptible teeth.

Periodontal Treatment Turkey

Turkish dentists are well-known worldwide for their excellent qualifications, expertise, and valuable experience. Every year, around 130 000 European tourists prefer Turkey only for dental treatments.

Dental treatment in Turkey is performed using the most contemporary, innovative facilities and equipment and conducted by internationally qualified, English-speaking dentists.

Periodontal Treatments FAQ 

Periodontal Treatments - Antalya

Periodontics diseases should be treated in their early phase because they damage the jawbones and tooth roots. In cases of delayed interventions, they may cause tooth loss.

In the first stage of the disease, germs are not spread to the lower part of the gum, the disease can be prevented by oral care and mouthwashes. However, in the advanced stages, professional intervention is required.

Periodontal diseases usually progress extremely slowly, so they may not cause tooth loss in many patients. However, many patients also lose their teeth due to periodontal diseases.

In periodontics treatment, including laser treatments, local anesthesia is usually applied, and no pain or ache is felt during the treatment. In laser applications, the healing period is faster, and the sensitivity of the gums after treatment is less than in conventional therapies.

Peridontology has been established as a branch of dentistry for the continuation of healthy gums in order to eliminate all discomforts occurring in the gums and gums, and has become a branch of medicine where aesthetic and cosmetic gum operations are also performed.

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