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Sculpting Smiles with All-on-Four
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How can just four implants in the front of the jaw support all of our teeth? Are you planning to put teeth in the back? In what ways is this system reliable? Would you say this treatment has been effective? The majority of our patients have these inquiries regarding the all-on-four procedure.

Sculpting smiles with all-on-four-Antalya

In reality, all-on-four treatment is not what our patients believe it to be. The all-on-four technique involves placing implants at an angle and preparing a titanium bar to support 12 teeth. Each subsequent tooth is secured to this prepared bar after it has been placed on those four implants.

The Essence of All on Four

The Essence of All on Four

The implants used in the all-on-four technique are designed to support the bar as well as all teeth. Compared to the typical 8 to 10-mm long implant, the ones utilized in the all-on-four technique are approximately 15 to 16 mm long. Four implants are utilized in the all-on-four technique; however, due to the utilization of implants that are nearly twice the size of conventional implants, the number of implants is equivalent to eight implants.

Furthermore, the all-on-four technique necessitates complete execution within a computerized setting. Implant placement, design, angle, and prosthetic planning must all take place in a digital setting. Assuming proper technique and high-quality materials are utilized, the all-on-four method will yield long-term health benefits.

CAM / CAD Technology

Why do we need All on Four?

The progression of patients' oral issues is the primary driver for the utilization of the all-on-four technique. Let's delve deeper into this process to better understand why an all-on-four approach is so effective.

Posterior dental issues are frequently disregarded due to their negligible impact on an individual's appearance. Consequently, the teeth in the front are forced to bear the burden of chewing. Over time, the front teeth swiftly erode due to increased chewing force, and the sinus cavity invades the root areas of the back teeth, causing bone resorption to speed up in that area. The lower jaw is particularly vulnerable to bone resorption due to the increased stress it experiences.

Patients whose oral structure has been compromised by osteoporosis can find relief through the use of dental implants and bridges. Nevertheless, patients requiring these implants often undergo extensive procedures, including bone augmentation surgeries, nerve excision, and re-implantation of the nerves. This new, safer alternative to these invasive procedures involves placing bigger implants on four bones that originate from the jaw and then replacing all of the teeth. Nerve damage is also prevented in the treated areas.

There is minimal waiting time for patients because all-on-four is applied to areas with the highest bone density. In the all-on-four technique, the occurrence of swelling and edema formation is reduced due to the avoidance of complex surgical procedures.

Consume the Foods You Want More Comfortably with All on Four

Consume the Foods You Want More Comfortably with All on Four

The patient is free to eat whatever they want with all-on-for method. Unlike palate prostheses, you do not need to stay away from sticky foods, dried fruits, or hard foods like meat. With the All on Four, a patient can consume whatever he or she want.

Get your desired face shape again with All on Four

Tooth loss causes vertical symmetry shifts on patients' faces, which negatively affect our external appearance. Moreover, patients are unable to satisfy their need for a smile as their chins become closer to their noses and their lips thin.

The all-on-four technique facilitates the restoration of vertical symmetry in patients through the use of fixed prostheses. Furthermore, the smile and overall appearance of the patient are enhanced with the use of pink porcelain to cover the gums.

Success Rate of All on Four Method

Success Rate of All on Four Method

For an assessment of the all-on-four method's efficacy, you can consult Pula Malo's 2011 scholarly study, which covered ten years. According to the study, at the end of the ten years, a remarkable success rate of 94.8% was attained.

Features to consider while choosing an All-on-Four clinic.

The experience of your dentist is a critical factor to consider when undergoing the all-on-four treatment. Furthermore, the quality of materials utilized by the clinic holds paramount importance. It is essential to acknowledge that the use of substandard materials can pose a significant risk to the overall success of such a comprehensive treatment.

Here at Antlara Dental, we are excited to share our 20 years of expertise with you. We have cosmetic dentists having more than 20 years, 25 years and 30 years of experience, and our orthodontic specialist has a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years. You will receive assistance from a team that is more familiar with and aware of your needs and expectations due to the clinic's founding and exclusive focus on European patients.

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