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On the market, there are lots of alternative dental implant manufacturers, each with cutting-edge capabilities and employing the latest available technology. Giving that, Straumann, as a profound dental implant brand, must have something distinctive to offer, other than high-quality materials or technology, to draw clinics and establish trust.

What makes Straumann so popular?

Today we dive into what makes Straumann unique in the dental implant industry which outperform all other high- quality dental implant brands.

What makes Straumann so popular?

Over 15 million Straumann implants have been implanted to date. Although this statistic may appear feasible for a low-cost implant brand, it i Straumann Dental Implants: A More In- Depth Exam s noteworthy for a high-cost dental implant.

Across more than 100 countries, Straumann offers extensive service solutions.

Throughout its history, this brand has been the subject of more than a thousand published studies and research which require years of diligent labor.



It is evident from these studies that Straumann is of high quality. To fully appreciate the exploring beyond statistics may help us understand its real scope. Otherwise, it may lead to unreasonable judgments in choosing your implant brand.

A failure in dental implant selection has more of an impact than you may realize. No need to repeat all the procedure, jeopardizing your nervous system and wasting resources and time.

Development based on years of customer experience

Instead of offering hundreds of various implant systems, Straumann relies on enhancing its older versions, which highlight its scientific proved and years of customer trials. With only modest modifications, the 35-year-old Straumann tissue-level implant technology still remains the company's primary implant system.

Straumann dental implant

Scientific studies integrated with technological developments

One of the most significant advantages of tissue-level implant systems is the absence of abutment contact gap. The abutment- tissue connection is particularly crucial in periodontal health. Even though it is a novel technology, Straumann injected it into its 35 years of implant systems rather than announcing it through original implants. Therefore, Straumann is able to maintain the quality of its implants by integrating the results of scientific study with the most recent technological advancements.

The BLX implant system is the genesis of the Straumann transmucosal neck design. However, its connection system functions differently. Straumann updated its connection system in 2019 with the introduction of new torque foot connection system, which was revised in earlier generations. The torque feet connection brings new technologies in implant industry. İt has 7° internal cone and the star shaped anti rotation element.

Straumann has 7° internal cone Torcfit Connection

Straumann has three neck sizes, and each one comes with three different diameters. With Stroman, your dentist has greater leeway to craft a personalized treatment plan for your teeth. Straumann dental implants are high-quality and offer additional possibilities for less intrusive operations. For each of their implants, Straumann also provides a range of nect heights.

Straumann also provides a range of nect widths Straumann also provides a range of nect heights

Straumann implants, unlike some other brands, come with an original scan body that is compatible with both TLX and BLX implants. The system's efficacy in identifying problems with the proper alignment of your implant is of the utmost importance.

The abutment feet now rest on the implant's top be- vel, a change from previous versions of synOcta that allowed the implant to become the crown's margin, all because of Straumann's new torque system, which was released in 2019.

For its prosthetic components they are designed as cross compatible meaning that each of them is laser agent with the correct lot platform size to avoid getting them mixed up.

Straumannian quality shines through in every detail. It uses regular basil sicarius that works all of its abutments and bars which provide great efficiency for dentists.

Empowering Dentists Globally: Straumann's Commitment to Education and Quality Assurance

Apart from the above qualities, Straumann also works with schools all over the globe to educate dentists so that they can quickly and easily resolve any issue that may arise. Straumann is an example of a company that has demonstrated hat quality and assurance can only be achieved via a combination of in-depth research, years of expertise, and the provision of high-quality materials produced with care (sometimes employing handcrafted materials) and adapting them to different circumstances.

The Choice of Antlara Dental Clinic

The Choice of Antlara Dental Clinic

In order to provide our patients with the finest care possible, we at Antlara Dental Clinic rely on Straumann’s quality and guarantee as long as the patient’s unique needs permit. Even though the top brand we work with is well- known for its commitment to research and education, we remain resolute in our mission to provide our patients the finest oral health care possible. Antlara Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing patients with the most advanced, risk-free implant procedures, and Straumann’s track record of success speaks for itself. We appreciate your decision to work with us for your oral health needs.

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